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Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood hottie Shreay Saran behind the scenes.... during her recent film shooting.. some unknown lucky guy forcefully removed har bra and squeezed her milky boobs and nipples...

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Sizzling Tollywood and Kollywood actress Tamanna completely naked from top to bottom showing her hot nipples and hairy pussy.. even her armpits are unshaved.

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Katrina Kaif Hot BedroomScene

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Obsessions of a Married Woman

I have been watching her for several months. Shanthi was in a dull unfulfilling marriage to Manisekar. We were a group that all knew each other , aswe are all neigbhours.I watched Shanthi on numerous occasions and I genially felt sorry for her. Over time I found that I was feeling more than just sorrow for her. It was the norm that Manisekar and Shanthi would show up at the gathering and Manisekar would take off with his buddy ravi or get so sticking drunk he would be rude and obnoxious and hard to tolerate. I often would make small talk with Shanthi trying to be pleasant and give her someone to talk to. I can't count the times she would be livid about Manisekar's behavior and drunkenness. Shanthi and I started becoming closer as time wore on.

I had been Shanthi's shoulder to lean on and the friendly ear, as she would describe her loathing of Manisekar. It become the norm at the bar that she and I would sit and talk in the booth as Manisekar would pay attention to any and everything but his wife. I began to notice that it seemed both Shanthi and I were on the verge of something, even though nothing had ever been spoken about how either of us felt.I say I was naive about it becoming physical, I still didn't see it coming though...... ....I was interested but she was married. Shanthi was very attractive, I have never liked little ole skinny chicks. There was a marriage party coming up that we would all be at. It was May of 2008 .I was dropped of at the party by one of my friends and he took my car as he has to somewhere and promised me to take me home while returning. I guess I had been there for a couple of hours and was copping a decent buzz when Shanthi showed up. I bumped into her as she was talking to my cousin's wife. The party was in a field about 100 yards from the cousin's house at the end of the road. I talked to them both for a bit and then wondered away.

A while later Shanthi caught up with me and told be to stay close to her as there were a lot of drunk guys there and she was there alone, her husband Manisekar had been sent to Kansas for a week of construction. I enjoyed her company so we talked and hung out together. I may have been a little bolder knowing Manisekar was far away, We were both getting a little more touchy feely than normal .I guess it was a couple of hours later, Shanthi said she needed to take off and with her knowing that I didn't have a car she asked if I needed a ride home. I quickly considered my options, stay and get more drunk or possible leave with this sexy married woman and get a chance to make out in my driveway. I said lets go.

She said her goodbyes and I acted a whole lot more drunk than I was, she told the friends she was dropping off . We got into her car and left, I was hopping for a make out session in the driveway when she dumbfounded me taking a right instead of a left. Being the ever brilliant guy I was I asked where we were going and she said," What you don't want to go to my house." Being sitting in her car for the thirty minute ride to her house seemed like an eternity. As we entered her house and the door closed I mauled her, I was standing behind her and grabbed her large firm tits and trailed kisses all along her neck as I ground my hard dick into her tight plump ass. She freed herself from my evil clutches and said she had to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. I followed her to the bathroom and brushed mine also, using hers next. I left the bathroom before her and found her bedroom and waited. She came in wearing her little frilly white lacy panties and a long white nighty without a bra, and her tits although covered looked stunning.

We snuggled in bed and spooned and started making out I had my tightly whiteys on and she still had her panties on. I felt great to push my almost naked cock against her and to feel her push back against me. I rolled her over on her back and as I necked on her I ground my hard dick directly into her wet extremely hot PUSSY. I was not real experienced at sex, I had probable nailed 5 or 6 six girls by this time but Shanthi was special, she was older than me and she was MARRIED, I thought I was the luckiest bastard in the world getting ready to get some married pussy....... ......... .HELL YA!!!!! I rolled off of her and raised her nighty and started slurping at those large nipples while my hand was finally allowed access to her wet pussy. Shanthi was so freaky wet; I couldn't believe a women could get that wet. I soon had two fingers buried in her pussy easily gliding them in and out and Shanthi was a moaner too, damn this women was pushing all my buttons!!

I was quickly getting very anxious for the main course, and I started pulling her panties down. I climbed back up her and quickly gave her pussy about a thirty second tongue bath.......I had business to tend to. I climbed on top of her wanting nothing more than to shove my hard dick in to her and ride that married pussy. Shanthi was still stroking my cock and then she let go making sure it was back inside my underwear and ready for some more dry humping. Shanthi asked between moans if I had a condom, and as I ground into her I said WHAT, oh FUCK no I don't have one. It then happened with Shanthi still grinding into me she reached her orgasm, her hands clamped down onto my butt and she spread her legs further and ground herself harder against my cock.......WOW I had never an orgasm!! Shanthi moaned and ground into my dick until her orgasm subsided, she was just lightly grinding herself against me riding out the last little tingles of her pleasure. As Shanthi's fog lifted and her orgasm cleared out she started kissing me much harder. Her hands were still on my ass as she tried to pull me into her hot box; my underwear was wet with her juices. She started necking on me telling me what a good orgasm that was and that I was making her so hot that she wanted me so bad......... ......... ......... .BUT

I can't have sex with you without a condom, I am not on the pill and I can't get pregnant. I was having a hard time reacting to what she was saying, I thought that as long as I ground into her she will come around and give me that sweet pussy. I continued to neck on her and grind myself into her and she would occasionally tell me we have to stop, I can't have sex with you because I will surely get pregnant. I tried every which way I could think of to get into that pussy, and she was sure that she would do every thing she could do to keep me out of it. I pulled my cock out of my underwear and tried gaining entrance but she quickly pushed her hand down to cover her mound, between kisses she would say I can't. I ground hard into the back of her small hand hoping she wouldn't be able to take the pain and she would move her hand or that by some miracle my cock would find its prize. Shanthi told me she would blow me or let me tit fuck her big C titties. I had come this far and I wanted to get off but her the depths of her hot pussy was the only thing I was interested in. I told her to spread her legs real wide and I would just rub the head of my dick on her pussy and I would jack off and come on her. She was as horny as I was and she reluctantly agreed, making me promise that I wouldn't fuck her. (SILLY RABBIT, TRIXS ARE FOR KIDS)

She spread her legs wide and she started to slowly masturbate as I removed my underwear. I climbed back between her legs and started rubbing my cockhead back and forth between her very wet and swollen pussy lips. Shanthi was wet from her clit to past her asshole; her whole crack showed her excited state. I continued to rub my cockhead from ass all the way up to her swollen clit. Every so often I would stop at her entrance and slip the head into her and she would push herself up at me to get more into her all the while saying NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOO OOOOO you promised you wouldn't fuck me. I would pull the head out and slide it back and forth between those luscious lips of her some more. I believe she was deliberately going slowly to torment me or to delay the inevitable. Shanthi was getting very close to her orgasm and I was rapidly sliding my cock back and forth. Just seconds before her orgasm, I placed the head of my cock at her entrance, and as she orgasmed she started bucking back and forth taking the first couple of inches of my cock into her as she orgasmed and tried to get more.

Just as she neared the middle of her orgasm I buried my hard cock into her to the hilt and she arched her back and ground into me. I reached beneath her and took each cheek of that firm sexy ass into my hands and started pounding at her hot pussy. She immediately wrapped her ankles around me and put her hands on my ass trying to get every centimeter into her, and that is something that still today drives me nuts a woman's hands on my ass pulling me into her.

As she finished her shattering orgasm she continued to meet my forceful thrusts and telling me she loved my cock, but promise you'll be careful and pull out......... please don't cum inside me. I would have promised her anything and now reflecting back I am sure I mumbled some type of commitment! I was on cloud nine, her I was pounding an older married woman's pussy while her shithead husband was probable drunk in a hotel room in Kansas...... .......LIFE IS GOOD!!!! I knew I was getting close and I said Shanthi I am going to cum. We were grinding into each other with a fast forceful strokes and she locked her ankles around me tighter and started running her nails down my back very forcefully scratching my back. I said again Shanthi I am going to cum and she yelled ME TOO!! As I started filling her wanton pussy with a torrent of my hot sperm as she arched her back and squealed louder than I thought humanly possible.

As we lay beside each other both of us out of breath she punches me in the arm and said you promised you wouldn't fuck me and then you said you would pull out. I said I was sorry and that she had such a lock on me that there was no way I could have pulled out. She started laughing at me trying to apologize and tripping and stuttering my words and she said I am on the pill and I knew you wouldn't be able to resist fucking me. I couldn't believe she had been playing me this whole time, although I do have to admit that it did raise the excitement level to a higher scale. We wound up having a year long affair and this was the first physical contact that we had had. I must say that this woman definitely knew how to tease and how to build everything up to the grand finally!! We both woke the next morning, I was hoping she wouldn't be all remorseful and would still want to see me again. I found out quickly as she started playing with my dick and as soon as it was hard she climbed aboard and we had a long gentle session. It ended without me having any worries about finishing inside her!! LIFE IS GOOD!

Sex experience with female colleage in medical college (Sex Story)

Hi, I am a recent reader of PG Group, I came to know about this site only a months back, after going through many stories I thought why not to let people come to know about my sexual experience. I am a marketing executive in a multinational pharmaceutical company, and controlling two states of India. I do travel but that is only 10-15 days in months.

I am 34 years old well sportsman built body, fair in colour, to some extant an attractive personality. (that’s what requires in marketing field) I had many sex experiences by now, but let me share one of them with you. This was happened 6-7 years back. I was working in medical college with one of my female colleague, waiting for some junior resident doctors (all were around 26-27 years of age) to complete their work. They were three lady doctors examining a lady pregnant patient. After examination they turned towards us, and we started discussion our products. I was explaining them the use of one of our product which is being used during baby delivery if the patient vagina opening becomes tight, this product lubricate and relaxes the muscles to loose their tightness. All of a sudden one lady doctor (resident doctor) asked me how to use this product, which I explained her. She wants to see the results by using this product and asked me if I have some physician’s sample to use with patient, for which I handed over two pack of that product.

The another lady doctor suggested why not we demonstrate the use by applying this product to one of the patient waiting for delivering baby in labour room. As a male I showed my uneasiness to enter in labour room but allowed my female colleague to demonstrate the product. All three lady doctors wants me to perform this demonstration and made me at ease by telling me that many male resident doctors do come in labour room for completing one of their paper of MBBS. I covered my face with the doctor’s mask, with the surgical gloves on my hand I entered in the labour room with my colleague and three of these doctors. I sow a young lady very attractive in figure lying on the table; this might be her first delivery. She was crying with the pain. As soon we reached to her one of the lady doctor pulled her gown up to her waist and hairy vagina was in front of us. For me though this was not the first chance to see a female nudity but of course was the first chance to see with four another ladies along with me. I felt an electric wave running in my body and my dick become semi erect. I asked one of the lady doctor to call some one to remove the pubic hairs of this patients as this product may cause some irritation because of hairs. She herself took the razor from the operation table and started removing patient’s pubic hair to save the time for calling somebody and doing the cleaning. After her shaven the vagina, a cleaned shaved pinkish-purple vagina revelled in front of us. This was really a very embarrassing situation for me as my dick was now fully erect and a bulge was appeared on my pent, which all ladies must have seen and I was not in the position to settle my dick in the normal position in front of them.

At last I started my demonstration. I took out the paste of that product on to my fingers and applied it on the patients vagina, first on outer part then inserted finger to apply in the inner part too. Then put some more past on vagina and with finger started poring in the pussy. I pored the entire tube and then waited for five minute to start the second part of application. In second part I inserted my finger in the patients vagina and started masturbating. This was required to let the paste go deep in the vagina and some of the past should reach to the opening of cervix. Though this action was very erotic that every on of us became blushed in red. The patient also forgot her labour pain and started moaning loudly.

The whole situation was very difficult to control but some how I continued and let the lady came to an orgasm. I said to the doctors now the product has started its action and you can feel the looseness of vagina and cervix. Every one of them examined the lady patient by touching and putting fingers in her vagina, the entire seen was very excited. The things didn’t end here, I and my colleague returned back to my hotel, I asked her if she need some cold drink as it was a hot day. She came in to my room and ordered two fresh lime water for drink. In fact her coming in to my hotel room is very common thing as she came many times earlier and we together set for hours for discussion regarding market and sales. But today it was different because of our practical demonstration. We started talking and I made her confident to sale the product in good number after this demonstration. Slowly we shifted our talk to the situation we faced in labour room, and she reminded me about my position and to my surprise she state way pointed to my dick.

In her words she said “can’t you control your excitement in front of those lady doctors, your dick was making it very embarrassing.” I apologised for that and requested her not to remind me again that situation because I will not be able to control it again. She didn’t stopped and laughed on my condition and again and again using same kind of words, and made me hard again. This time I didn’t mind to adjust my dick in front of her as it become very difficult to control the hardness in sitting position. She pointed to my dick and laughed and commented “poor dick, not able to control” I asked her if she can’t help then why she is laughing on my poor dick. This I don’t know what green signal she got but the thing happened then was a real surprise for me. She come to my side and hold my pant from front and said “let me help you” she opened my zip and took my dick out of that, it was rock hard and swollen, nine inches in lengths and around three inches circumference. The first word came from her mouth was “I had never seen such a big dick in my life” without wasting any moment or my permission she took the top of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like candy. I was out of my control and could not stop my hands to touch her big shaped boobs. I took them and squeezed them, then I put my hands under her neck and pressed her boobs again, she was still licking my dick.

Then I make her stand on her feet and I removed my pant and underwear in one go and removed her kurta, bra and salwar too. She was standing only in her black panty in front of me and I was enjoying her nude figure, she herself removed her pant and now she was in her full nudity, I noticed that she had shaven her vagina very recently. It was as pinkish as a teen girl but had swollen and the look was very excited she removed my shirt too and made me completely nude. She again took my dick in her hand and started masturbating it, she took it again in her mouth and gave me a good below job I never had in my life. I indicate her that I am about to come which she had ignored and made me come in to her mouth.

Because of the labour room situation and her making the sucking very vigorously, I exploded much more quantity and the normal days. She liked the taste very much and eat entire my come without wasting any drop. Now it was my turn, I lay her down on my bed, made her smooth legs apart and the beautiful vagina was in front of me, I first put my finger in to her vagina and noticed that it is dripping with the vagina water. I put my tongue in the vagina and started liking it, she didn’t control her feeling and started moaning first slow than loud in voice. I didn’t care for that and continued my licking and penetrating my tongue deep in the vagina. She came almost three or four times and now bagging for a deep fuck.

By now my dick came in action again. I made her comfortable on bad, took her both legs apart in air and put the tip of my dick in the opening of her vagina and inserted in it. it was little difficult as her opening was very small against the size of my dick, but slow in first stroke I could enter about one fourth of my dick in her vagina, I became restless and put some extra pressure and in one stroke I entered the entire nine inches length in to her vagina and she almost cried loudly ahhhhhhhhh………… Now I was completely in her vagina and started pumping her she complained pain for which I ignored. I kept pumping her but very slowly. After some time when her pain vanished and she started enjoying I build my speed after 5-6 minutes she asked for more speed and I obeyed her. I was really enjoying her tight pussy it was giving the tightness like ass fucking. I sucked her big breasts and bite on her nipples which were brown in colour and become very hard by now. It was almost 10-15 minutes our fucking, she must have came 2-3 time again and it was becoming difficult her to continue she asked for rest but I was now not in the position to stop. I told her to wait for some more time, I fastened my speed and now almost 6-7 inches of my dick was coming out and going back in the vagina in one through.

She was not able to control her loud moaning. It took me almost 7-8 minutes again to come to a explosive situation, I asked her what to do she requested to come in side as she want to feel the force of my lode. I gave 2-3 hard pump of full length in her vagina and exploded in her pussy. She also came at the same time and I felt the pressure of our cumulative cum against my dick. I forced my dick inside and she was crying because of pressure of cum. She requested to take my dick out of her vagina, when I did that a good amount almost half of glass full of our cum came out of her vagina. I lay down next to her she was breathing very fast, after some time she controlled her breadth and told me that I am the first person in her life who fucked her, I was surprised to know that she was still virgin that’s the reason she was having very tight vagina. I asked her why she offered herself to me; she said it was just happened. Though she dreamed me many times but, she never got courage to express. Today then she sow the hard dick she could not control her feeling.

But she was very happy after fucking, she was not feeling any guilt, she even didn’t refuse for having sex in future. After that I visited many times to her town, worked together, sat in the room, but I never forced her for sex from my side. Though I got the permission to change my cloths in front of her, she even wanted to see me nude, some time she even watched me in shower, and roaming nude in the room. She said it very loving watching me nude for which I never hearted her feeling, I tried to show my nudity as an when possible. I even told her that I will never ask her for any action, every thing has to be done by her own. She showed her nudity also. Even many times she took my dick in her hand and jerked, many times she gave me below job.

In short we had sex many times after that, but that was apart from fucking. We used to masturbate each other. I could fuck her only two more times, but the third time it was an unforgotten moment. What happened that day will let you know next time, I will also narrate the story of those lady doctors too, yes I got the chance to fuck them too.

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Lesbian Sex Story

Hi there, this is Meenakshi again with a beautiful story. Some names in the story has been changed, sorry for the changes. It was early that Saturday morning when I awoke to the dreadfully loud ringing of the phone, on the other end I heard the overly excited and chipper voice of my best friend Sampada. "Good morning sleepy head" she said, "I'm on my way over to your house to drag your ass outta bed." Oh great I thought, looking at the clock through half-closed eyes "only 8:35". I had been up until about 2:00 this morning after a date with a guy and with only six hours sleep, the affects of that night had not worn off yet. I said to Sampada, "ok, I'm getting up right now". I hung up the phone quickly and turned my legs out of the covers for my feet to meet the floor. It was cold outside, being December, and chilly in the house compared to the warmth of my waterbed. I felt the cold air rush up my warm legs and give me Goosebumps. I stood up and the cool air quickly encircled my entire naked body, I felt my nipples harden, and I shivered slightly as I walked across the room to get my robe. I stopped briefly and went to the two huge French doors, which lead from my bedroom out onto a huge deck outside.

I parted the curtains wide. The morning light shone in and I squinted my early morning eyes to fend off the bright light until I could adjust. It was a grey day lots of clouds, and frost was covering everything the air had touched. I watched as a few stray snowflakes danced their way to earth. I opened the curtains wider and stood very naked looking out for the entire world to see me if they had a chance. Of course no one had a view of my deck that is where I would walk out on early summer mornings before getting dressed, loving the feeling of the fresh days air enveloping my nakedness and where I would tan endlessly, thrilled that I would have no tan lines. But this morning, there was no way my naked body was going to get even close to that outside world. I turned and headed for my bathroom, I started the shower and the hot water quickly developed a thick steam in the cool room, I disrobed. I glanced at myself in the mirror and smiled to myself at the sight before entering the fully glass shower stall. The water felt so good, so hot. It caressed my tired skin, kneaded my breasts and stomach, and tickled slightly as it ran down the length of my legs. I breathed deeply, as I felt the heat pour between my legs and touch my nicely trimmed pussy. I closed my eyes and thought dreamily of the night of love before. My mind envisioned the cock pistoning in and out of me just 8 hours earlier. I still felt the throbbing sensation deep inside.

I reached for the soap and began massaging my entire body with it; the fresh smell tantalized my senses as I breathed it in. Soon I was covered from head to toe with slippery soap. My hands slid across every inch. I cupped both of my ample tits, the nipples hardened against my palms, I thought how nice they were and large for my tiny 5'1" 106 pound frame. I pondered at how firm they were as I gently squeezed them and thought of all the compliments I received about them and even the crude comments from the perverted guys at school. My hands worked downwards over my tight tummy, abs that I work on constantly, making sure, they stay flat and firm, year is worth of silly crunches paid off, I thought to myself. I massaged the soap in to my skin, not missing a single inch. My hands trailed to my ass, "the greatest personal asset" I thought, "it and my legs." Small indeed but very shapely and tight, firm and tanned. I giggled to myself as my hands caressed the two halves, not quite the same feeling as John's hands felt like on them last night. His were strong and large, and squeezed my ass perfectly as I sat on top of him and slid up and down on his embedded cock. At one point he controlled my up and down motion, by gripping my ass and hips tightly and then thrusting his hips up and down, driving his hard-on into me relentlessly. On his up stroke, he would push me down to meet his thrusts, flowing his flesh so hard and deep inside of my wetness.

His cock was not that big, I thought to myself, thank god, or I would be so sore today, I would not be able to walk, because his staying power was good. He worked his cock in and out for about 90 minutes straight, at different tempos, and different positions. Of course, "I sucked him to a mind blowing orgasm earlier in our love making session, which I'm sure helped him last longer on round two." My hands had just worked there way to my now wet pussy, massaging the soapy hand over the sensitive luscious lips and to the love button itself, when I was thrown into reality by the sound of Sampada's voice... "Hey girlfriend, damn you sure can steam up a bathroom" she laughed. "I'm going to get on the computer and go to Naughty Chat until you get out ok?" I replied "sure". I continued my shower, of course not as naughty as it was beginning to be. My mind drifted to sampada.

She was my very best friend in the world, always has been. Definitely a hottie as well. She had more than her share of harassing guys and dates as well as offers. She and I were double trouble I thought to myself. She was tanned like me, much taller however, with a beautiful body. Her long straight blond hair went down to her nice ass, and was a huge contrast to my long brunette wavy locks. We worked out together, swam and tanned together, shopped together, dated together, and just shared life in general together. There was nothing we did not know about the other, nothing. She again breaks the silence of my thoughts by asking about my date last night and laughing an evil laugh, I just giggle. "Oh that tells me everything" she replies. I finish my shower and step out of my glass encased dreamland. My legs almost feel weak as I put on a clean robe and wrap my hair in a towel. Walking out of the bathroom, I see sampada is chatting online in the Rusty Screw Pub with a guy named Tom. She is laughing hysterically. I take off my robe and begin to towel dry my body.

She suddenly says, "damn if I was a guy I would have a huge hard-on right now" I glance up and see her looking at me; I feel my cheeks get flushed at her comments. I have never had another girl say anything like that to me. She continues, "Oh c'mon Brandi, you are absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, how could any human not have some kind of feelings looking at you naked." She turns and continues her chat session. I finish getting ready to go, hair, makeup, and clothes. Sampada says her good-byes to Tom online and turns off the computer.

My mind cannot stop thinking about her comments, an almost strange feeling of excitement raced through my body after she said it, a feeling I had never felt before. After greeting my parents with good mornings and hugs, we head out the door to the awaiting day. We take Sampada’s car because it is warm already, and head to the mall. Both buying new outfits for the night's party that lies just a daytime away, we go from store to store trying on clothes. At some, both going into the same dressing room if big enough, as to see each other's selection and give our opinions. I again think of her comments as she stands in front of me in the dressing room of 5-7-9, my favorite store, in just her bra and panties. I look at her suddenly in a very different way than ever before, she is very, and very sexy I think to myself. Then I wonder oh my God, I am looking at my best friend, another girl with thoughts of lust, what is wrong with me? I find a beautiful dress in my size, short and much fitted but I love it. A sexy "After Eight" black number with cutouts in all the right places. I look at myself in the mirror and like the way it really shows off my body and my tan. "Hey if you have it, flaunt it right?"

Sampada says, "that's the one, my God it's a serious head turner". I end up buying boots to match and a short waist length jacket as well. We spend the rest of the day together having lunch and taking in a matinee movie. Every single move that sampada does I end up conspiring into something more. My mind is in a fit of arousal or something. Finally, as the day comes to a close, sampada drops me off at home to get ready to go to the party. We agree I will pick her up at eight. I watch as she drives off. I carry the bags and myself into my house. I shower again, shave my legs, etc., and get myself all dolled up for a fun night. Getting dressed, I put on no bra or panties, just black pantyhose, as underwear would show under the dress. I hate lines from panties. The dress is designed so no bra is needed. My tanned breasts swell at the top, showing enough flesh to tease; my tanned cleavage looks fabulous through one of the cutouts. The dress makes my tits look bigger than they are, I think, as I look at myself in the mirror. I turn to look at my ass in the dress and marvel at the way everything looks. The dress hemline falls at mid thigh, showing off my sculptured tanned legs, the short-heeled boots accent them even more. I love to dress in outfits that you have to watch and control the whole time you are out. As to not accidentally show too much. Yes conceited, I think, wow!!! Happy with the way I look, I grab my jacket and purse and head out the bedroom door.

Kissing the folks goodnight and telling them where I'm going, and listening to Dads comments about my outfit, I head out into the garage and climb into my car. The leather of my 300ZX is cold against my skin and I shudder in chill. I push the button on the garage door opener and drive out into the dark. I feel as naughty and good at the same time as the turbo engine purrs on my lil' sport scar and my engine races inside my lil' body! I get sampada and we head over to the party. She is dressed to kill as well and looking seriously hot. I climb out into the night and suddenly feel the rush of ice-cold air race up my legs, up my dress and straight to my nakedness. My god what was I thinking. I grab Sampada’s hand and move quickly to the warmth of the house. Three guys greet us at the door with immediate wows and comments and roaming eyes, we just giggle and enter. I immediately feel and welcome the warmth. The crowd is already huge, and the party is in full swing, the host of the party Matt, comes up, welcomes us with kisses on the cheek and offers us a drink. On his return with drinks, he quickly starts in with "So Brandi how come we have never gone out" sampada says, "Jeeze Matt you get her one drink and already you're moving in for the kill" "I told you Brandi, you and that dress are a dangerous but great combination." She then laughs.

Not wanting to upset anyone right from the start, after being asked by I don't know how many people, I dance the first few dances with sampada, leaving the wanting guys out on the sidelines for a while. Then a slow song comes up, John, my sweetie from the night before, makes an appearance and asks me for this dance, I say sure. I close my eyes and soak up the feelings of his strong arms around me as Celine Dion belts out "My Heart Will Go On" I feel my breasts pushed up against him and the nipples harden under the fabric as his hands roam freely all over my back and butt. He whispers into my ear about the night before and how great it was, how I spoiled his cock like no one ever had. He said he thought about my sweet lips wrapped around it and my tight pussy all day long. I just moan a response. I suddenly feel his excitement against me as we dance seductively. "My God he is rock hard"...I feel the throb of his cock as it pulsates in the confines of his jeans. I look around at everyone else dancing, all are in there own worlds it seems.

I reach down a tiny hand and rub the bulging crotch. I feel the entire outline of his swollen member pushing against the denim of his button fly. I hear him groan in my ear as he gently nibbles and sucks on my ear lobe. He whispers suddenly, "I’ve got to feel you, please" He takes me by the hand and walks me through Matts house quickly; we stop at a doorway that he swings open. I hesitate briefly telling him, "I just got here." He ignores me. Walking inside he switches a light on, it is the laundry room. "No partiers here" he says with a huge smile. He closes the door, then takes me in his arms and kisses me deeply, I feel his tongue push inside my mouth and seek out mine. Our tongues intertwine and dance together. I feel his hand on one of my ass cheeks and briefly get the image from the night before. I gently suck on his tongue, which causes him to moan out. "I love your lips Brandi". I feel the wetness develop between my legs as my heat rises. He takes my hand and places it on his crotch; I rub it and feel it come to life under my touches. It throbs and jerks as if trying to escape the jeans. As if with a mind of its own, my hand undoes the top button of John’s jeans, then the second, and third.

I part the fly and suddenly Johns hard love muscle leaps out into the open. I encase it with my small fingers, barely wrapping around the thick shaft. It throbs powerfully in my hand. I move my hand back and forth slowly, causing John to moan out an "oohhh yesss!" John then pushes his jeans down to his ankles and hops up onto the washing machine. I look at his cock pointing straight up to the ceiling. Veins run around and down the length of the shaft. The head is purple and swollen and begging for my lips, I know. I look up into Johns eyes. They speak a thousand words but a few very clearly, like all guys eyes do at this moment. I move forwards and again take a hold of his dick; it is so very hot in my hand. I pump the skin up and down the length a few times. His cock is maybe, maybe 6 inches in length, but fairly fat and as hard as steel. His heavy balls are pretty big though, hanging down between his thighs. I caress them with my other hand that brings another groan. I again look into his eyes, then lean forward and kiss the tip of his cock with my full plump lips. He jerks his hips upwards just slightly. I giggle knowing he wants to drive it into my wet mouth. I tease him with my tongue, and with kisses asking him in my most seductive teasing voice, "What do you want Hon", "Tell me what you want"... I get him to the point that he begs me to suck his cock, pleading with me to please wrap my beautiful lips around his shaft. Wanting to taste his flesh as bad as he wants to feel me sucking on him I let in, plunging furiously down on his entire length. The head hits the back of my mouth, and he almost screams out with pleasure.

I continue massaging his balls as I release my other hand from the shaft and let my mouth do all the work there. On the down strokes, I swirl my tongue all over the soft silky feeling head. I stop bobbing my head up and down every now and then to savor the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I play with his pee hole with the tip of my talented tongue and taste the first drops of precum on my tongue...mmmmmm. ....I know once I really get into giving head, guys cannot last very long at all. I have a technique that works wonders. My lips are perfect for sucking a guy’s penis, and my tongue knows exactly how to work over every inch of flesh, to drive an orgasm out of even the most stubborn of dicks. I grip my lips tighter around Johns throbbing wet shaft and slide every inch into my hungry mouth, I bob my head with more authority up and down the full length. His pubic hair slightly tickles my nose as his cockhead almost heads down my throat.

I move even faster now, feeling Johns hips begin to buck to meet my face, his breathing gets even deeper and he begins to groan and then moan that he's going to cum, "Please don't stop" he yells as he begins fucking his engorged cock into my mouth, I suck for all its worth knowing my treat is almost there. I feel his cock swell even bigger just as the first explosion occurs. A massive hot flood of cum shoots into my throat, just then the damn door to the laundry room swings open. In shock, we both look at Matt, smiling at us, and commenting that, "that's no fair" and "how the hell did you get this lucky John." I keep my mouth on Johns cock until his orgasm subsides, not wanting to be sprayed with sperm this early into the party. I release his softening member from my mouth and stand up fully, wiping my chin and mouth in case any of his powerful ejaculation escaped my lips. Matt, with a smirk, says "Now me?" I look at him and say "I think not" quite embarrassed that I got caught giving head to John in his laundry room.

His reply was "Awwww c'mon Brandi be a sport" then he laughed. John was doing up his pants, I looked at him and smiled, straighten my dress and hair, then turn to leave. Matt punched John in the arm and mumbled something to him about being a lucky son of a bitch. I escaped the room and headed to a bathroom, to clean up and to later find a drink. I finally catch up with sampada. She is having a blast and I tell her sorry I was absent for a while. We both get drinks and begin to mingle with everyone else, John finds us and just whispers in my ear "Thank you"... Then smiles and says "I can't believe we got busted", we both shrug and laugh. Sampada of course hears, and wants to know what we were doing, we again laugh. Hours passed and the party was cranking and seemed to get wilder as the night wore on and the drinks started to take affect. I was even feeling a little bit silly and more giggly than usual. As people started to dissipate into different rooms or head home as it was getting late, I danced a few more dances and drank a few more drinks and then got sampada and asked if she was ready to leave. I did not want to have to drive home too drunk, even though we were in the same neighborhood. She said sure she did not care nor have any reason to stay later. I found John and told him we were heading to my house and that I would see him tomorrow. He did not want me to go and then offered to come home with me even. He was quite drunk and I did not think that would be a good idea.

Sex with My Colleague

She was the most sought after girl in my office, though she was engaged I did my best to get her. I have to tell you how she looks, she is dusky aged 25, small boobs about 32 and small hip about 26. Through the months we got to be very good friends and then were like a couple in the office, though we did not have any relationship. But slowly I go to like her the most and we started going out together. Once a while her fiance would come down from Kerala and he would take her out and drop her to her hostel in the evening. I always wanted her though I knew that she was another guys.

One day she was going home for her holidays to Kochi, I went to drop her to the bus stand. Waiting for the bus she asked me why do u like me so much, and u are there for me always whenever I want you. I did not have proper answer, told her just I just like being with you. Then I decided I have to tell her I needed her physically and emotionally. There were several times when I used to hold her hands and walk thru the streets and drop her to her hostel. We had late dinners and just would kiss her hand. One day she told me she found another job in a company close by and she was quitting. I felt bad and I told her will miss her badly. She also told her the same.

We used to be in touch thru mobile and sms and met quite often. Then one day while we were going out for tea in the evening I told her kavi I need you, she asked in what way, I told her I need u both physically and emotionally. She did not say anything and she went back to her hostel. The next evening I did not go to meet her, then in the night I got a message on my mobile says she also felt the same, but emotionally was attached to her fiance, and they have been having sex. I said its ok by I still need you. She said ok will meet and talk about it. We met I told her I always wanted her and needed her badly, she said ok and she also felt the same, and told to keep our affair to our self and nobody else should know. I got the green signal.

From then on we used to go out kiss each other and message and all kinds of kinky and sexual messages we used to forward to each other. One day she told me lets have sex; I was waiting for that moment. I asked her where we can do it. She told me to find a place. One day her colleague was going out of town she wanted someone to stay in her house, I told her to take the keys. That evening I went to her friends place as she opened the door I caught hold of her, she said wait and bolted the door. I kissed her so hard she was pushing me of her and told slowly. We kissed, I lifted her top and sucked her boobs I sucked it till it went sour. Then I slowly undressed my self, I was only in undies, she was in top and a skirt. I always liked her in skirts.

I was feeling pretty horny and getting, I grabbed the bottom of her top and yanked it over her head. I then took her bra off. As I started attacking her hardening nipples, I reached down and moved one of my fingers into her soaked pussy. She had trimmed hair on her pussy. I stood up for a moment to remove my underwear. She leaned forward and started stoking my dick with one of her hands as the other hand played with her pussy. This continued for a few moments, before I had her stop. I lifted her legs up and removed her skirt and panties, before spreading her legs apart. Her pussy lips were spread wide just begging for my dick. I was going to fuck her for all we were worth. I slide my dick all the way in her which caused her to almost climax. Pumping in and out of her I could hear the sloshing noise being made. My balls slammed against her as she came WA moaning loudly. I could feel my release building, but I wanted to prolong it just a little bit longer, so I pulled all the way out of her. I had her then stand up, face the couch and bend over using the back of the couch for support. I then spread her legs apart. I could see her pussy lips all puffed up and dripping out her pussy and off those lips. I entered her again, this time slowly at first, but it was getting harder and harder and was doing it in for her harder, before I did, there was one last thing I wanted to do so she would remember me.

I started spewing my cum she said not to do it inside her. I lay down beside her and was seeing her body thoroughly, again slowly I got another erection, and I moved down to her belly and kissed there and moved to lower. She closed her heavenly hole with her palm, with shy. I told her not to shy and enjoy every inch of sex with a right partner. I removed her palm from that place, and I kissed her hot pussy lips. I separated her pussy which is already wet and saw her wet pussy. I put my middle finger into her pussy and doing in and out. My tongue was moving to inner parts of her pussy and swallowing the juice coming from her hot pussy. She reached her first orgasm and her hand was moving on my dick up and down. After 15 minutes, she invited me to come on her and asked me to do it again by inserting my hot cock into her pussy. I moved to her and she caught my penis with her hand and spread her legs to give way to my dick to go into her vagina. She inserted my cock into her pussy by spreading her pussy lips with other hand. My dick went into her hot wet pussy slowly. I moved in and out of her pussy. She hugged me and asked me to move fast. I told her I can do it slowly because I just came, and I was doing it slowly by thinking that I should not complete early. After doing like this for 15 minutes, she reached to her orgasm and requested me to move very fast. She kept her hands on my back and throwing her legs on my back so I continue to do it to her deeply. She came twice in this movement. I also reached my orgasm and moved fastly and I dropped my hot cock milk into her hot pussy. What an experience I had this day and fulfilled my need of her that having real fucked my Dream Girl. I observed that some of the drops of my hot cum is dripping from her wet pussy. She told me that she should not get pregnant, told her will get her the pill. After that we fucked almost regularly in hotels, once in her house in Kerala while nobody was there. Even after her marriage we did it couple of times. Later she got pregnant with her husband, and we did not meet for 2 years almost. Before she moved out of India to the gulf we met again this time for a quick fuck. I miss her the most.

Sex Stories - Tasting My Friend's Pussy

Hello friends I’m Abhinav. I’m 20 years old with a height of 5'10", average build and good looking.
I’m going to narrate my sexual experience with my friend. Her name is Varshitha, 5'6" perfect structure, good looking with round shaped perfect boobs and a figure of 33-26-35. I’m doing my UG that time and she studies in another college.

We first started speaking thru phone as friends. Then as days passed we became very close. Our semester holidays approached. She had some work to do regarding the college project for which she was going out of town and she stayed in a room in the city where her project related company was in.
She was staying with 5 of her friends who were also involved in the same project. I told my parents that I have project work and I too went there and booked a room there in the same hotel where she and her friends were staying.

By that time we were actually friends. I then asked her not to let her friends know that I was here. Then I told her that I was alone in the room and I’m feeling lonely. I asked her to stay with me telling her friends that she's going to her relative's home.
She first refused telling me that it is not possible since she's a virgin and it’s not good to stay a night with a boy. I told her that we're just friends and there's nothing to be afraid to be with a friend. Finally I managed her to agree and she came to my room. She came in a chudi and as soon as she came in, she closed the door.

She was nervous and afraid of being seen by anyone. Then she came in. I gave her to calm down and gave her some water to drink. She was looking damn beautiful and sexy that made me really arouse. Then we started talking and then started watching TV. I told her that I’ll sleep down and asked her to sleep in the bed. But she told me to sleep in the bed on the other side since it was a double cot.
It was a big cot and both of us were lying on the either sides of the cot. A channel was running a sex scene. We were testing and laughing at it and then switched off the TV. Then we both were lying on the bed talking slowly our topic changed. I asked her what girls do like boys masturbate. She told it’s not a question to be asked to a gal. I told her that there must be nothing hidden among friends. She smiled and told that they'll use finger to masturbate.
Then I said thanks for being such a friend and wend near her lying on the bed and facing her. I went to hug her. But she told me no and resisted me. So I dint compel her. I behaved decently so that I can expect her to be here the next day. After a while she slept. But I can’t sleep with a damn sexy girl sleeping near me. I controlled myself and slept. She got up by 7.00 in the morning and went to her room. That day too I asked her to come to my room.
She agreed and told that she'll be coming by evening after going to the company and will be with me from 8.00pm. She came to room by 8.00 and I was going to take bath. I was wearing towel and she told sorry for coming that time. I told there's nothing to hide among friends and went to take bath. Then she told me that she too needs to take bath.

I said ok and asked her to use the bathroom. She told she wants to eat and so asked me to get ready. She came out of the bathroom wearing a chuddy. I told her that it was not good and asked her to change the dress. She said ok and asked me what dress she should wear. I told her to wear saree and she said ok and asked me to wait out. Then she came out. She was looking like the sexiest women in the world.
A little side of her hip was visible and that made her look too sexy. We both had our food and returned back to room by 8.45. There I told her that I was very tired and so feeling sleepy. She switched on the TV and was talking to me while in the TV was running a sex scene were a couple were having sex. She dint notice that. I was aroused seeing that. She then noticed it. But dint change the channel. She was asking me do every man have the penis of the same length.

I told that it varies and told her that it will be larger in size when exited. And she told that she knew that. I told her that I was aroused seeing that scene. I asked her whether she minds if I sleep nude. She asked it’s my wish and that I should not disturb her. I said ok. She laid down in her saree to sleep. She was turning to the opposite side, lying on bed. I told her that I’m going to remove my clothes and I removed my clothes and underwear and lay down nude facing her back.

She said she'll not look at me till I get dressed up in the morning. I din cover my body with a blanket. I was just lying nude facing her back, wondering her sexy structure. I slowly moved near her. I told her that I was much grateful to have her as a good friend. She then turned back and told that she too was grateful as I came there for staying with her. She saw my full nude body and asked me whether she can touch my penis. It was very hard and as she touched it became harder.

It was about 5 inches long. She asked me am I not feeling shameful to lie nude before a gal. I told that there's nothing to hide between friends. She then kissed me in my forehead. Then she asked me what I expect from her as a friend. I told her that I don expect anything other than her friendship qualities, frankness and being open to me without hiding anything. She said she'll be like that as I was the only good friend who doesn't hide anything. And she'll be like that to me always.

Suddenly she asked me to undress her. But I told it’s not good for both to be nude and that some mistake may happen. She told there's nothing to hide anymore and that we won do mistakes as we're friends and we have control. I agreed and touched her waist where her white skin was visible. I removed her saree first as she stood up. Then I removed her tops and her gown which she was wearing inside. She was looking like the sexiest girl in the world.
She asked me to remove that too as she wants her to be seen by me completely nude as I don hide anything. I removed them and she was nude, standing with those round boobs slightly hairy pussy and perfect shaped butts. I went around her and saw her completely. I asked whether I can touch her she said ok and I hugged her, smooching her pussy, ass and squeezing her nipples. She was moaning with pleasure. She said that we must not have sex and asked me to sleep.

I said ok and we both lay on the bed with both nude and hugging. With her facing my back and hugging I since we felt something will happen if we lay facing watch other. I could feel her pussy hair in my ass. She was holding my cock from behind me. I switched on the TV and changed the channel. I changed the channel and we watched a sex movie. I got aroused. She told me that my cock became so long. I told her that I’m going to masturbate.
She switched off the TV and told me hereafter I should not watch such movies and asked me to masturbate seeing her nude body whenever I wish to masturbate. So then I asked her to masturbate for me. She agreed and pulled my cock. I asked her to use her mouth. She hesitated and told she doesn't want to take my cock in mouth. I told there's nothing wrong. She then told I’ll do it for u and took my cock in her hand and kissed me first. Then slowly placed her lips in the tip of my cock.

Then she let it in her mouth and twisted her tongue over it. I was in heaven. What a pleasure! I asked her whether I have to lick her cunt. She nodden in a shy feel. I said that there's nothing to feel shy in this. We both went to 69 positions with her over me. My cock was in her mount and my mouth sucking her cunt. With great pleasure she was sucking hard as I sucked and licked her cunt. She got too excited and started sucking harder that made me release my cum. I informed her before releasing it.

So that she took my cock out from her mouth. I sprayed it on her breast. She scolded me for that and I showed a sad face. She came to me and told that she scolded jus for fun. She then cleaned herself and cleaned my cock and then asked me to continue licking her cunt. I smiled and did continue licking hard. Finally she got orgasm and her fluid came out. I can smell a virgin in that.
Then we slept hugging each other very tight. Our activity continued daily and we had only oral masturbation. We had sessions for the following three days. We used to bath together. Days passed and we had to move apart as we had our own jobs. We had contact rarely and our relation faded.
A month back I went to her home to see her as I came for a work purpose to that place where she was. But no one was in her home except her. She opened the door and called me in. I said that I’m leaving as none were in home. She said we're still friends and that a friend can take anything from her.

I said ok and went in. then asked me to sit in the sofa and told me that she'll bring juice. Then she went into her kitchen and got me juice to drink. She gave it to me from behind and came and sat nearby as I was drinking it. When I finished drinking I saw that se was sitting nude. I then removed my dress and underwear and made myself nude. Then I carried her to the bedroom. Then I asked shall we start masturbating. She said ok and started sucking my cock. When I got too exited and my cock reached its maximum length, something different happened.
She sat over my waist and held my cock and let it go into her cunt. It was like I’m in heaven. I asked isn't it wrong? She said lets change the rules. She moaned louder. I sucked her nipples and moved my cock faster into her. Finally I was about to release my cum. I told her. But she dint allow me to remove it out of her cunt. So my fluid went into her cunt. Then we dressed up and cleaned ourselves. We made this a daily routine. I’m now happy that I’m satisfying my friend's needs. Now I don’t know where she is and what she's doing. I lost her contact and I wanted her to lead a good life.

American Sex Story Fun with American Female Friend

This is My True Story. The lady is a foreigner and her name is Roxie. She happens to be my colleague in the company I work for in Bangalore. I am 30 and she is 25

Have fun reading it.

It was a warm Bangalore night, about two in the morning, when I suddenly awoke. I glanced over at the sleeping form of Roxie, and what a sight she was. A slight smile on her face, her blonde hair framing her beautiful face as it lay on her pillow, her luscious body covered by just a thin sheet, her gentle breathing coming out as soft purrs. I thought back to a few hours earlier, when I and Roxie had made passionate love, caught up in the rhythm of the soul music that played on the stereo. God, this woman is hot, I thought. Just thinking about her, how great she feels, and how incredible she looks in her Bra and Panty made the hard-on I woke up with swell even more.

But another sensation was competing with my horniness: hunger. Even after stuffing myself last night with Pastries, I was famished. I crept from the bed, put on my robe, and started for the kitchen.

I flipped on the light, and offered a hello to my pet dog, looking surprised to have its space invaded at this time of the night. Okay, okay, I thought, what to eat, what's gonna hit the spot? I checked the refrigerator, and noticed some of Roxie's leftover IceCream. Nah, she may love me, but she'll kill me if I eat that. I checked the freezer. There we go, strawberry ice cream. I'll make a sundae.

I had just finished gathering all the ingredients - ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, nuts, cherries - when I heard a soft "ahem." I turned, and there was Roxie standing in the kitchen doorway, totally naked, her blue eyes sparkling. "What's all this?" she said with a smile. "I woke up hungry," I replied. "I guess I wasn't fully satisfied after last night." "I hope you're talking about dinner, and not what came after," Roxie said slyly. "Absolutely," I said, unable to take his eyes off of her naked form, particularly her breasts.

"I'm feeling a little less than satisfied myself," she said. "And it has nothing to do with my stomach. So why don't you take off your robe." Never one to pass up an invitation like that, I happily complied. Now it was her turn to stare at her man. I've never known another man with as great an ass as mine, Roxie thought. And there is nobody hotter when he wears just his Jeans. I, under Roxie's watchful gaze, felt my cock begin to rise again. "Of course, I don't want to deprive you of your little snack," she said. "But maybe there's a way we can both get what we want." My blue eyes lit up in anticipation.

I quickly cleared off the large stainless steel table in the center of the kitchen, and Roxie hopped up onto it. Then she lay back, I placing a folded up kitchen towel behind her head as a makeshift pillow. "You're so thoughtful," Roxie said, pulling me down for a gentle kiss. "My pleasure," I replied, as I began to kiss Roxie's neck, then her collar bone, then down to the tops of her breasts. She ran her hand through my thick brown hair.

I opened the carton of ice cream, and applied a small scoop to each of her nipples. "That's cold," she said with a giggle. But the giggle turned to a sigh as my tongue found first her left nipple, and then her right, lapping up the ice cream with a circular motion. I continued to gently flick my tongue across each nipple, long after the frozen delight had been consumed. Roxie felt the tingle run down from her nipples to her clit. Her pussy was dampening rapidly. She reached out to grasp my hard cock, and began to pump it slowly, playing her thumb along the underside.

I opened the jar of fudge, and scooped some out with my fingers. I smeared a line of it onto Roxie's firm belly, from just below her breasts, all the way to just above her pubic triangle. Then I slowly, lovingly, began to lick my way southward. Roxie's legs just parted on their own accord. Her hips began to rock subtly. God, she wanted my tongue down there. Her clit began to buzz in anticipation. Roxie shifted her hold on my cock, and began to fondle my balls. "Thanks for reminding me," I said, "I almost forgot the nuts." I added a few of the toasted almond pieces to the chocolate, and continued to lick my way toward her now steaming pussy.

Finally my tongue reached the top fringe of Roxie's soft downy bush. I had to move around to the end of the table to fully minister to her pussy, so she had to reluctantly let go of my cock. I looked into my woman's gorgeous crevice, then got an idea. Holding up the jar of cherries, I asked, "Would you mind?" "Go ahead, anything," she said breathlessly. I took a cherry out of the jar, then very gently placed it at the opening of her pussy. Using my thumb, I easily pushed it into her. Oooohhhh, she sighed, as she was penetrated. And the sighs turned to groans as I skillfully moved my thumb against her g-spot as I slid it from her canal. I repeated the procedure twice more. Then, I sensuously drizzled some of the maraschino juice into Roxie's already sopping slit. She shivered as the cool, sticky syrup hit her clit. I brought my face to her pussy, extended my tongue, and began to gently, carefully, play it along the edges of her lips. Up one side, over the top, then down the other side, purposefully avoiding her clit. She was groaning now, and thrusting her hips. At the bottom, I pushed my tongue into her pussy, and used it to move the cherries around. "Ohhh God," she sighed. "This tastes so good," I said breathlessly. "I'd rather drink this than Hot Chocolate." "Just do it, please," Roxie moaned. "I wanna cum soooo bad." But I wanted to tease Roxie just a little more. I lowered my mouth to her gaping pussy hole, and slowly, gently, I began a slight suction. I pulled out first one, then two, then finally the third cherry, Roxie letting out a gasp as each one escaped. She was breathing so hard now she couldn't speak.

I knew what I had to do. Slowly, languorously, I began to slide my tongue up her slit, making the lightest contact I possibly could. And finally, finally, the tip of my tongue reached its target: her clit. She let out her loudest groan yet, and jammed herself against my tongue. She began to buck her hips wildly - I just held my tongue firm and let her set the pace. She was out of her mind with passion, low rumbles, not unlike my Mercedes Benz, emanating from her throat. "Oh God, oh God, oh God," she gasped, her breathing more ragged. And then, her whole body tensing, her clit pressed hard against my tongue, she exploded with a scream, followed by a long, satisfied, exhalation. I didn't move my tongue from its position, as she slowly lowered her ass back down onto the table.

"Oh baby, that was incredible," she said. "You gotta let me return the favor." I moved around to the side of the table, She reaching out to grasp my hard cock as soon as it was within range. "Gimme that thing," she said, rolling over to quickly engulf the head in her mouth. "Ohhh," I moaned, as I felt myself immersed in her warm wetness, her tongue swirling on the sensitive patch below the head. Releasing me from her mouth after a moment, She said, "Now it's my turn." She grabbed the jar of chocolate fudge with her free hand, then dipped my cock in it. She withdrew it, and admired the way the head now wore a chocolate hat. She added a couple spurts of whipped cream to the shaft, then began to hungrily devour her "con-cock-tion." She swirled her tongue around my shaft to remove the whipped cream, then moved up to engulf my head. "Umm, I love this kind of 'cock'-tail," Roxie said. "Even more than Iced Coffee." All I could do was moan with pleasure.

"All right, enough taking in calories," she said, releasing my cock. "It's time to work some off." I moved back around to the end of the table. I reached out and helped pull her toward myself, her ass just barely on the edge of the table, her pussy open and pushed forward. I touched my cock to her sweet wet, warm, slit, and teased her by running the head up and down it. My cock wet from her saliva, her crevice soaked from her juices, it slid delightfully all the way up to her clit, then down to her opening. Up again, then down. Then, finally, holding it right at her pussy, I leaned forward while Roxie pushed forward, and instantly I was in her to the hilt. We both let out long gasps of pleasure. "Oh God," she moaned, tightening her pussy muscles on my cock. "You are so huge." "And you are so tight," I gasped.

I could have used another moment to get control of myself, but Roxie began to thrust against my cock. "Come on," She said. "Give it to me. Right now." I began to thrust with her. Standing on the floor, my hands clasping her sides, I pulled myself almost all the way, then pushed my cock all the way in. Out to the very edge of her pussy lips, then deep back inside. My cock was engulfed in her warm, grasping wetness. She felt like each thrust was splitting her open, my cock driving deeply, and comfortingly, into her core. We let out loud groans with every thrust. Our pace picked up, our moaning grew louder.

She reached into the jar of chocolate fudge, and smeared some on her nipples. Still thrusting into her, I leaned forward to lick it off hungrily. I was really feeling the tension build in my cock. It spread back through my butt, and down my legs. She pulled her legs up now, and lay them over my shoulders. That changed the angle for my cock, and added another fantastic sensation for each of us. We picked up the pace even more, my swollen cock slamming into her wet, needy pussy. "Little more, I'm almost there," she gasped. And then her grunts grew louder, more urgent. She began to buck uncontrollably, as the tension spreading from her clit, down her legs, and up her abdomen reached its breaking point. I knew I could let it go now, and felt the cum mass at the end of my cock. With a final thrust to the deepest recesses of her pussy, we both exploded simultaneously, I shooting load after load of cum deep within her, Her pussy grasping tightly at my cock as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. I collapsed down on her, and we held each other tightly, our sweaty bodies pressed together, as we struggled to regain our breaths.

After a few moments, I was finally able to pull up and out of her. "That was incredible," I said. "You're the best," she replied. "Tell you what," I said. "You go back to bed. I'll clean this up and meet you in a minute." "Actually," she replied, "I'm kinda hungry all of a sudden. You didn't eat my IceCream, did you?" Smiling, I just shook my head "No."

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